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  • Lola Belle

    Our friends at Dead As We Know It asked us to help tell the rags to riches story of Lola Belle, the cherry bombshell - and we were happy to do it. Va va voom!

    Agency: Dead As We Know It, NY
    Brand: Lola Belle Cherry Rum
    Executive Creative Director: Mikal Reich
    Copywriter: Ella Wilson
    Art Director: Charmaine Choi

    Production Company: Adam Gault Studio
    Directors: Adam Gault, Ted Kotsaftis
    Design and Animation: Adam Gault, Ted Kotsaftis

    Lola: Aurore Fagnen
    Lousy Acting, Dubious Dubbing: Mikal Reich!
    Stylist: Alison St.Germain
    Hair and Makeup: Vesta Goodarz
    Voice Over: Adam Behr,

    Rotoscoping: Spline VFX - Leslie Chung, lead

    Lead Music + Sound Design: Chris Villepigue, SongLoft Audio
    Mix: Chris Villepigue, SongLoft

    Watch in HD on Vimeo

  • Kraken

    We had the lucky opportunity to make three television spots for Kraken Rum with our new friends at Dead As We Know It. Music and Sound design by Chris Villepigue, who also made the tracks for our Gettysburg and Lanternfishes projects.

    Agency: Dead As We Know It, New York
    Executive Creative Director: Mikal Reich
    Copy Writer:Ella Wilson, Mikal Reich
    Art Director: Charmaine Choi
    Illustrator: Steven Noble

    Production Company: Adam Gault Studio
    Director: Adam Gault
    Producer: Eve Ehrich
    TD / Animation Lead: Ted Kotsaftis
    Design: Adam Gault, Hélène Park
    Kraken Model/Rigging: Chris Bach
    3D:Jimmy Gass, Ted Kotsaftis, Jacob Slutsky
    Animation: Jimmy Gass, Adam Gault, Ted Kotsaftis, Andrew Mastrocinque, Hélène Park, Jacob Slutsky

    Sound Design: Chris Villepigue, Song Loft
    Music: Chris Villepigue, Song Loft
    Audio Mix: Sound Lounge
    Mixer: Rob Sayers

    Watch all three spots in HD on Vimeo

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  • Montage 2011

    This is a collection of work from the past few years.

    Projects for Bank of New York, Loto Quebec, NBC News, IBM, and Nike created with Carlo Vega.
    Soundtrack edited from the Four Tet track "Nothing To See".

    Watch in HD on Vimeo.

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  • Sunny

    We made another tease and promo toolkit for It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia.

    Client: FX Networks
    VP, Broadcast Design: Albert Romero
    Art Director: Amie Nguyen
    Manager: Michael Perez

    Production: Adam Gault Studio
    Director: Adam Gault, Ted Kotsaftis
    Design: Adam Gault, Ted Kotsaftis, Adam Wentworth
    Animation: Adam Gault, Ted Kotsaftis, Helene Park
    Audio: FX and Ted Kotsaftis

    Watch in HD on Vimeo

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  • Monsters

    A collaboration with the Verizon Foundation and the National Domestic Violence Hotline.

    Director: Adam Gault
    Writer: Joe Corda
    Voice: Valerie Sauder
    Design and Illustrations: Stefanie Augustine.
    Animation: Adam Gault and Helene Park
    Music and Sound Design: David Kamp.

    Watch in HD on Vimeo.

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  • NBC Decision 2010

    Nominated for a News and Documentary Emmy - Outstanding Graphic Design and Art Direction.

    Working closely with the team at NBC|Artworks, Adam and Carlo Vega lead the design and execution of the NBC News Decision 2010 election coverage. NBC News and MSNBC's on-air graphics packages and video set pieces were completely reworked for election night. The package included logo designs, opens, full-screen graphics, lower thirds and tickers, virtual sets, interactive applications and animated set pieces.

    NBC|Artworks Creative Director: Carlos El Asmar
    A collaboration with Carlo Vega
    Montage music by Jonny Greenwood from the There Will Be Blood soundtrack.

  • Gettysburg

    Lincoln's famous speech revisited, just in time for 2010 midterm elections.

    Read by Mitch Rapoport.
    A collaboration with Stefanie Augustine.
    Sound design by Chris Villepigue |
    Design and Animation help from Carlo Vega.

    • Grand Rapids Public Museum - Thank God for Michagan! Grand Rapids, MI USA June 2011 - June 2012.
    • Annecy 2011, Annecy Cedex, France 2011
    • 11th Annual Martha's Vineyard Festival, Martha's Vineyard MA, USA 2011
    • Artisphere, Arlington VA, USA 2011

    Watch in HD on Vimeo.

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  • bnymellon

    The Bank of New York and Mellon had an historic merger, creating a new entity with $22 trillion in asset servicing. Analysts loved the merger but there was confusion among clients about what it meant for them. Working with the team at The Concept Farm, we created an animated endtag that helped tell the story and reinforced the stability of the bank.

    A collaboration with Carlo Vega.
    Client: BNY Mellon
    Agency: The Concept Farm

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  • Discovery

    We've been making a bunch of graphics packages for Discovery Channel promos.

    Swamp Loggers design and animation help from Ted Kotsaftis.
    Out of Egypt animation help from Carlo Vega.
    Man Woman Wild design by Stefanie Augustine.

  • Runnin' Wild

    When we got the call to do a graphics package for a new survival 'game' show starting Ted Nugent, we had no idea what we were getting into. Turns out Ted is an over-the-top guy, so we created an over-the-top package. Night-vision, giant beetles, raw meat, snakes, raging fires, flaming arrows... it was a good time. We shot the live action and most of the backplates, animated the animals and graphics elements, composited and edited the final spot. Plus we got to spend some time in the woods, which is always nice.

    The open won a Promax|BDA Silver in the Salon De Refus category.

    For CMT:
    Art Director: David Bennett
    Sr. Manager, On-Air Design: Emilie Schnick Dishno

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  • Coalition of the Willing

    Simon Robson commissioned directors from around the world to help make an animated film about the war on global warming, and we were lucky enough to be invited to join the cause. Check out our section and the entire film here:

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  • Gator 911

    For a show about wrestling alligators out of the mud, it's remarkable that Gator 911 is more straight documentary then over-produced drama. For the show graphics, the producers wanted an authentic look that incorporated gator elements but wasn't all jaws and teeth. We went with a simple swampy approach that compliments the action without adding an unnecessary level of drama.

    Animation help from James Isaaks.

    For CMT:
    Art Director: David Bennett
    Sr. Manager, On-Air Design: Emilie Schnick Dishno

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  • Man Shops Globe

    We created a complete media campaign for the launch of Sundance Channel's Man Shops Globe. The campaign included billboards, bus posters, NYTimes ads, taxi tops, two animated promos, and a web toolkit. Later we applied the look of the promos to the season two show open and graphics package.

    A collaboration with Stefanie Augustine.

    For Sundance:
    Director, Brand Strategy & Design: JC Cancedda
    Sr. Director, Brand Marketing: Beth Stein
    Manager, Brand Marketing: Justin Neal
    Producer: Lisa Esselstein

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  • Posse

    CMT asked us to create a show package for their documentary special about these rockstars of the rodeo circuit. We created a look that is stylized and clean, allowing the rawness and intensity of the rides to do the work.

    For CMT:
    Art Director: David Bennett
    Sr. Manager, On-Air Design: Emilie Schnick Dishno

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  • Off the Course

    Collaboration with Stefanie Augustine for the Twenty/120 series Age of Opulence.
    Commisioned by Connor Swegle.

    Featured in IDN Magazine Vol6 Num6
    Screened at the Northwest Film Forum's ByDesign10

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  • Loto Quebec

    Carlo Vega and I made this promo for Toxa. The idea was to use the names of Quebec people and places as the principal graphic elements, and to create a visual party atmosphere that would communicate the excitement of the Rendezvous.

    A Collaboration with Carlo Vega.

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  • Castor and Pollux

    Stefanie and Adam had ambitious plans for an epic animated film about the lives of Castor and Pollux - sons of Zues, the Gemini twins. Unfortunately a series of dramatic life events got in the way and only this teaser trailer remains.

    Design and Animation help from Carlo Vega.

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  • Holiday '08

    It was the end of 2008 and the economy was still on the precipice. We thought everyone could use a little dose of good luck.

    A collaboration with Stefanie Augustine.

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  • Living and Dying Part 1

    Stefanie made this group of paintings that were just begging to be animated. We've got plans to fill out the series with another five installments. There will be storms, plagues, planets and sunsets. Stay tuned (but don't hold your breath…)

    A collaboration with Stefanie Augustine.
    Sound by Alison Augustine.

    • Animatu, Beja, Portugal, 2008
    • Floating World Animation Festival, Portland OR, USA 2008
    • ViedRAM, Rome, Italy, 2008
    • Noorderzon, Groningen, Netherlands, 2008

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  • Lantern Fishes

    Rummaging through some drawers at an antique shop in New Hampshire we came across an old print exotic of lantern fish. Perfect.

    Illustrations by Stefanie Augustine
    Music by Chris Villepique and Shelly Bajorek

    • Pictoplasma NYC, New York NY, USA, 2008
    • Pictoplasma, Berlin, Germany 2007
    • Animatu, Beja, Portugal, 2008
    • Noorderzon, Groningen, Netherlands, 2008
    • Floating World Animation Festival, Portland OR, USA 2008
    • Bitfilm Festival, Stuttgart/Hamburg, Germany 2008
    • Anima, Brussels, Belgium, 2008
    • Webcuts, Berlin, Germany, 2007
    • Art of Digital, SanDiego CA, USA 2007
    • ViedRAM, Rome, Italy, 2007

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  • Nike In-Store

    Carlo Vega and I made these short videos for Nike in-store Melo and All-Star campaigns.
    Music for both pieces by Eduardo Larez.

    A Collaboration with Carlo Vega.

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Adam has been designing and animating for television since 2001. The studio team is dedicated to visual problem solving using a wide variety of mediums and techniques. Our goal is to create simple, thoughtful solutions to your design challenges. If you've got a project you think we can help with let us know; we'd love to collaborate.

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